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 Shipping & Delivery:

Because we hand-craft all bags to order in small batch runs, your bag will be finished and shipped from Chicago within 1-2 weeks of orders received M-F. Weekend orders are processed the next business day. Anything worth having doesn’t happen fast after all! Shipping within the United States is by UPS Ground, but we can get it to you faster if you need it sooner. International shipments usually arrive 2-4 weeks after your order is processed and you will be responsible for any customs fees. If you have a question about the delivery status of your order please send an email and we'll help out!


If you happen to change your mind after placing an order, you are able to cancel by signing into your account and selecting Cancel. If you have canceled an order by mistake you can also select Reorder while on "your account" page.

Returns & Replacements:

We know it's often times hard to get an exact idea of what bag is going to work when buying online, so we do understand that returns and exchanges happen! We want you happy.

DEFY will accept merchandise in its original new and unused condition for a refund or exchange when accompanied by the original sales slip within 45 days. If after 30 days, there will be a 45$ restocking fee and each return will be taken on an individual basis: We cannot do returns on bags owned over 45 days old and do not accept 'lightly used' bags returned as we can't resell them. 

If product is returned in a damaged, or in used condition, DEFY has the right to refuse the product return and will unfortunately need to ship the damaged bag back. If you're not sure about it, please treat it well so we can find a good fit with someone else ;) 


DEFY does not accept returns on leather bags after 30 days. DEFY can only accept returns on Leather bags that are in completely new, unused, and unblemished condition. If the leather bag is showing signs of wear and isn't in the same new condition it was shipped out in, DEFY has the right to refuse the bag. (We're not trying to be jerks, but we work real hard to get these leather bags to be top notch and just want them to find a happy home in the same condition they left our workshop in.) So please do not return it if you've carried it and it has marks; we will unfortunately have to refuse it since nobody else will want marks on their bag. All leather bags should be carefully packaged as damage can and will occur if bag strap is not correctly put inside the bag, due to the metal slide rubbing deep marks into the leather, ruining the bag and making it unsellable for other customers. (if you need advise or have concerns in re-packing please simply email us and we'll help you out!)


Due to the natural wear and tear that occurs on our M35 Military Truck Tarpaulin products we do not take back tarp bags after 45 days. That should be enough time to know if you love a bag or not, right?! Please email us in advance of any return, exchange, or repair we should be expecting. We'd love to help you figure out another bag if the one you bought just isn't a great fit for some reason. DEFY does not pay for return shipping on any items. All packages must be fully insured and paid for by the customer. DEFY will not assume responsibility for reimbursement or compensation in the event that return packages are lost, stolen, or mishandled, or damaged upon receipt. (If we could, we would but we're a small, self-funded family owned business.) We're hear to help you, so if you need anything please simply reach out and we'll do our best to answer any questions you might have!

Returns or Replacement on products purchased from DEFY Stockists

If you're looking for a replacement, return, repair or exchange from one of DEFY Stockists, DEFY can only do so if you provide the original receipt. If DEFY sends you a replacement bag via U.S. shippers that was originally purchased from a stockist and the parcel shows that it's been delivered, DEFY is not legally responsible for sending yet another replacement bag. Unfortunately, once the bag has been shipped by DEFY there is nothing we can do to protect it from being stolen, tampered with or lost once it has left our shop. 

If this instance ever occurs DEFY will promptly provide shipping / tracking information and you can file a claim with the proper shipping company. We'll do our best to help you figure out where that package went!

DEFY has sadly been the recipient of one too many scam attempts where people falsely claim they purchased a bag from a store, DEFY ships a replacement bag only to then have that same person claim they never received the bag. So please simply provide proof of purchase and we'll help you out.

A note about when DEFY has SALES:

Because we're a small, self-funded shop it's our policy that WE DO NOT DO PRICE ADJUSTMENTS. We simply can't run our little company like 'Big Box', publicly held companies do and afford to take all the time to staff and handle such requests. We know that it really sucks when you learn that the bag you just bought is now on sale for less than you paid for it. We get frustrated when it happens to us, so we understand your frustration when it happens to you. But we're asking nicely: Please don't send emails or call asking us to adjust the price, we're just going to have to say no. It gets very complicated in our system to continually make these price adjustments over and over again and honestly causes us to get distracted from what we do best: Make amazing gear! Like we said, we're not remotely staffed to be able to respond and all of our limited time is taken up designing, manufacturing and shipping world class products. Thank you very much for your understanding.

All correctly returned products will be refunded to the purchaser in the same form as was utilized for payment, and will exclude shipping costs. Please be aware that it can take up to 5-7 business days for the refund to appear in your account. Repairs happen on a case by case basis. Each repair is different and if additional costs are needed for specialty parts or materials they will be communicated and agreed upon prior to start of repair less any shipping costs.

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Package Forwarding Companies:

DEFY goes out of it's way to NOT SHIP TO RESHIPPER / PACKAGE FORWARDING COMPANIES. DEFY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS IF YOU CHOOSE TO SHIP USING PACKAGE FORWARDING / RESHIPPER COMPANIES. If you choose to send to these companies and your package never makes it, or is missing items, DEFY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE. DEFY'S experience with these companies is that most of them aren't reputable and many packages are either opened, picked through and/or never delivered. 

Privacy & Security: We will ALWAYS keep your info private.