Cargo Hold Tote |  Dyneema® | White | Last 1

Cargo Hold Tote | Dyneema® | White | Last 1

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Material White Dyneema®
  • FIT: Tons
  • INTERNAL POCKET: 9" W x 10.5" T
  • MATERIAL: 5 oz. Dyneema®
  • STRAP: Detachable 2" Mil Spec auto seat belt
  • CLOSURE: Gun Metal Snap
  • DIMENSIONS: 15" wide x 15" tall x 10" deep
  • WEIGHT: 2 Lb
  • VOLUME: 37 Liters
  • BEST USES: Grocery Shopping (something spills you simply spray it out!), Beach, Sporting events, Beer carrying, Concerts, Festivals, Travel.

(to see interior shots please check out the Cargo Hold Ballistic Edition here.)

Boasting a unique and rugged shape, the Cargo Hold Series is the perfect wingman for when you want to maximize your load. This version of our Cargo Hold uses MIL-SPEC Grade Dyneema material that on a molecular level is said to be stronger than steel and looks like it was rescued from Area 51. The 2" military grade webbing offers structure and durability to the bag. The Cargo Hold offers solid steel D-rings and swivel clips sourced from a US military contractor. The gun metal snap helps to keep prying eyes out of your business.

The interior offers a simple oversized 'dump' pocket, perfect for keys, phone and on the go bugging out of town. Reinforced, overlapping sides were constructed to add strength and integrity to your carry. An additional layer of material on the bottom provides confidence your hold will do just that, hold! The simple & comfortable military grade straps fit perfectly in the hand or over your shoulder. Or carry it as you would a messenger bag using the detachable 2" swivel clip enabled, adjustable and removable strap. Another great thing about the Cargo Hold Ballistic bag is how easy it is to fold flat and take with you in a suitcase. It's so nice having this bag 'On the other side' of whatever mission you're on.

This is your hold, hold it as you wish. Cargo Hold is an ideal carryall for spontaneous city-to-country adventures, vacations, beach, festivals, name it. Pack it up, pack it in. Let it begin.


5.0 oz  Dyneeema® Composite Fabric (formerly Cuben Fiber). DCF is a patented, ultra-lightweight highly waterproof fabric made of flexible non-woven composite laminates which are reinforced with Dyneema® fibers.

This fabric is costly and for good reason: It's 15 x stronger than steel and provides the highest tear and tensile strength of any competing fabric on a weight-by-weight and thickness basis. 

The  5.0 oz variant of DCF is a 2-layer laminate material using 2.15 oz/yd 2 DCF for the inner layer and a 150D polyester plain-weave face fabric. The polyester face fabric adds strength and makes the material look more like a traditional woven fabric.

Dyneema® is a highly durable fabric best used for ultralight yet super tough backpacks, bags, rain gear, pouches, packing pods, etc.


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