Project Ballistic | Large Pouch
Project Ballistic | Large Pouch
Project Ballistic | Large Pouch
Project Ballistic | Large Pouch

Project Ballistic | Large Pouch

$ 34.00
  • STORAGE: Camera, EDC Gear
  • MATERIAL: 1,050 Denier Water-Resistant Ballistic Nylon
  • CLOSURE: YKK VISLON® AquaGuard® Water-Resistant 
  • LOOP: Paracord
  • WEIGHT: 0.25 lb
  • DIMENSIONS: 9" Wide x 7.25 Tall
  • * Contents in shots not included! 

Meet our uber light and strong Project Ballistic  Pouch. This is a perfect MIL-SPEC way to store your gear and keep it from flying around the inside of your DEFY BAG! Whatever you carry, keep everything in it's right place in style. 


What we know today as Ballistic Nylon is a multifilament high tenacity, 2X2 basket weave nylon fabric, usually made with 1050D or 840D yarns. The name Ballistic goes back to the Vietnam war era when it was used for anti-fragmentation ballistic jackets for the military. Multiple layers of the thick fabric were laminated together to help stop exploding shrapnel and fragmentation. By the late ’70s the military upgraded their armor to lightweight Kevlar® and ceramic plate technology that could stop actual bullets. Then in the ’80s Ballistic Nylon had found its way into the consumer market. At a time when heavy-duty, strong luggage was the flavour of the day, the term ballistic struck a chord with customers and the name stuck. The slick finish, heavy weave and excellent strength still make it a popular choice today, although as a single layer fabric it’s lost most of its actual ballistic credentials. (Source: Carryology)