SAMPLE | Jumbo Chump Limited Edition Gear Pouch | Gray Wax Canvas | Pleated!

SAMPLE | Jumbo Chump Limited Edition Gear Pouch | Gray Wax Canvas | Pleated!

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  • In the interest of always embracing play, discovery and betterment of products for sale here is the first ever pleated Chump. Because it's pleated it can store a bit more! GO!!!!
  • STORAGE: Larger EDC Gear - Bike pump, bike lock, camera, tools, knives, pens, headphones, art supplies and more.
  • MATERIAL: 14 oz. TexWax™ Original Wax Canvas
  • WEIGHT: 0.25 lb
  • DIMENSIONS: 13" Long x 5.25" Wide (puffs up / fills to 2" at Center of pouch.)
  • * Contents in shots not included! 

So you already have the regular sized Chump which is perfect for all your small EDC. Sometimes less is truly more and the regular Chump scratches that itch. But what about the big stuff? The long stuff. The Jumbo stuff! Introducing the Jumbo Chump. This 13" x 5.25" Made in USA bad boy has a Jumbo sized attitude and scale that gobbles up larger EDC just for fun. 

Chump’s no sucker. He’s not easily tricked into letting things slip through the cracks. He knows the bigger things in life matter and gobbles em up with the quickness using his large YKK VISLON® Zipper and oversized zipper head. Chump has no tolerance for disarray and needs everything in its right place. The Chump stays on the down low with a ground hugging profile and hangs out in the places where you need him most: Bags, panniers, and pockets just to name a few. Chumps unite!


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