The Dude | Cobra Quick Release Belt
The Dude | Cobra Quick Release Belt
The Dude | Cobra Quick Release Belt
The Dude | Cobra Quick Release Belt

The Dude | Cobra Quick Release Belt

$ 56.00
    • X-SMALL: 28"-32"
    • SMALL: 32"-36"
    • MEDIUM: 36"-40"
    • LARGE: 40"-44"
    • X-LARGE: 44"-48"
  • CLOSURE: x1 1" imported AustriAlpin™ COBRA® Quick Release buckle
  • MATERIAL: Military spec 1" webbing & velcro
  • ADDED FEATURES: Adjustable Size

            The great thing about being a dude is you can do things your own way. You can chart your own course and damn the naysayers. You're probably wondering why in the hell anyone needs an imported $30 solid steel & brass, 2,000 lb. load-bearing special forces tough AustriAlpin™ COBRA® quick release buckle on a belt? We get it. Totally do. Honestly, unless you're in the special forces you probably don't need one. It's extreme overkill. But it's a bit like asking Sir Edmund Percival Hillary why in the hell he climbed to the summit of Mount Everest. Some things just are what they are. We always wanted a belt like this and finally got around to designing one. The Dude can rock your Nudie jeans, old cut off shorts or pair of Bonobos. Hand-Crafted Military spec webbing, military grade stitching and velcro collide with the world's most amazing buckle. Need to adjust the size? That's nearly as quick as the quick release buckle. Simply pull the velcro section, slide to your liking and clamp it down. And by the way, you don't need to be a dude to wear the Dude! Strap one on a Dudette and you've got instant mojo. This just may be the most satisfying belt experience you've ever had!


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