The Rover Backpack | Black X-Pac™ | Ships 4-5 Weeks
The Rover Backpack | Black X-Pac™ | Ships 4-5 Weeks
The Rover Backpack | Black X-Pac™ | Ships 4-5 Weeks
The Rover Backpack | Black X-Pac™ | Ships 4-5 Weeks
The Rover Backpack | Black X-Pac™ | Ships 4-5 Weeks
The Rover Backpack | Black X-Pac™ | Ships 4-5 Weeks

The Rover Backpack | Black X-Pac™ | Ships 4-5 Weeks

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Material Black X-Pac™

  • FIT: 13"+ 15" MacBook Pro and similar sized computers
  • COMPUTER SECTION: 18.5" wide x 11" tall
  • MATERIAL: X-Pac™ /  VX21 BLACK DWR - 1500, 210 D Ripstop Nylon face, .25 mil polyester film, White Polyester X-PLY at 22, 50
  • INTERIOR MATERIAL: High visibility 500 Denier Cordura® Silver Lining
  • STRAP: Detachable MIL-SPEC webbing with military grade metal hardware
  • BACKPACK STRAPS: Detachable MIL-SPEC webbing with military grade metal hardware and closed cell foam padding
  • CLOSURE: x2 Oversized
  • YKK VISLON® AquaGuard® Water-Resistant Zippers with ParaCord Pulls
  • HANDLE: 2" MIL-SPEC webbing with Horween Austin Calf Leather Mr. Gripper
  • COMPUTER SECTION: Padded computer pocket & interior matte black military rifle gun clip key holder, YKK VISLON® AquaGuard® zippered pockets, pen holders
  • TROLLEY STRAP: 8" wide MIL-SPEC webbing for tethering to suitcase
  • DIMENSIONS: 20" long x 13" high x 9" deep
  • WEIGHT: 3.6 lb (lighter than the both ballistic nylon + wax editions.)
  • EXTERIOR POCKETS: Fit up to 32 oz. Nalgene bottle. (3.5" diameter)
  • VOLUME: 40 Liters

Have you ever created anything in your life you're truly proud of? Something that took 110% of your heart and soul. A creation that was the best of you. Cliches are made of this stuff, we know. But in our case, the Rover is just that. It's a freakin' beast from a production standpoint. It's a freakin' beast from a utility standpoint. And it's the culmination of hard work from our best and brightest School of the Art Institute interns and DEFY production team. It's a true synergistic effect of Badassery!

We were going to call it the 'Kitchen Sink', as we feel we've thrown in everything but that. Rover has: A padded computer pocket, the 'surround sound' equivalent of pockets surrounding the bag's interior, more zippers than a zipper factory, removable MIL-SPEC padded straps with Military MOLLE Webbing and more features than we can list here. We set out to DEFY everything we'd ever achieved before and pushed our team to the limit. It wasn't pretty, and the tensions got high. But we broke on through to the other side and have been carrying the Rover on countless trips, smiling from ear to ear and torture testing it along the way. This is the perfect weekender and can go longer than that! One of our main goals was to create a duffel bag where you can easily see all of your things. This was achieved by the bag's unique, broad and deep zipper configuration.

This TSA Compliant bad boy can be carried over the shoulder, on your back or in your hand. Rover don't mess! He likes to roam, meander, discover, conquer, seek, find. Best of all, Rover will never leave you uncomfortable when your flight is in the farthest gate at the airport and you feel like you need a vacation from your upcoming vacation. Rover's the ultimate Weekender & Duffel.

The Rover now holds the title as the most expensive bag we've ever produced. It's just that intricate, loaded with so many features and takes so much time to sew. To make it so you don't need to mortgage your home, Rover's ONLY going to be sold online; you won't find it in any stores. This helps keep the cost down by selling it directly to you intrepid travelers! Is Rover Luggage? Weekender? A backpack? YES!

Rover's ready. Are you?



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