What's DEFY’s Warranty?

DEFY stands by our products. Our warranty covers defects in materials and craftsmanship. We will repair or replace, free of charge, any item that is found to be defective from our workmanship. The warranty goes into effect from the original date of purchase and applies to the original owner. What the warranty won’t cover is reasonable wear and tear, aging of components, pet damage (cat, dog, alligator attacks) or abuse. For damage caused by improper care or abuse, we will give you an estimate on what the repair cost will be.


Examples of wear and tear that are not covered:

Rips, tears, fading on fabrics, components showing age, broken zippers, scratches on leather products, cracks on M35 Tarp or stretched out elastic


Does DEFY Do Repairs?

We know stuff happens. Your bag goes through crazy journeys with you and sometimes it can get damaged. Accidents happen! If you want us to fix it, simply email us at hello@defymfg.com and provide proof of purchase. We simply ask that you pay to ship the bag both ways and we'll do our best to get the bag back up and running! Many times the fix is so simple we won't charge you. Just contact us and let's try and figure out if it's a covered repair or not. If it's more complicated we'll contact you and let you know how much it might cost. We can only repair bags that have been through normal wear and tear, so if you leave your bag soaking in a flooded basement and it gets dry rot...we unfortunately can't work miracles...but we always do our best to get you up and running again! If the bag is fixable we'll fix it and ship it back to you.

Have questions about a repair or warranty? Email us here: hello@defymfg.com