DEFY stands by our products. Our warranty covers defects in materials and craftsmanship. What it won’t cover is reasonable wear and tear or abuse. If you pull it behind an M1A1 Abrams Tank, like to carry hazardous materials or porcupines in it, that’s your choice. We can fix it, but we won't cover the costs, and we’ll probably recommend you don’t do that anymore! We will repair or replace, free of charge, any item that is found to be defective in our workmanship. The warranty goes into effect from the original date of purchase and applies to the original owner. If your bag gets a rip in it, or a crack, we'll gladly do our best to fix it up and get you back out there! DEFY also unfortunately can't warranty zippers, as no matter how much we spend on buying the best (which we do!) stuff may happen to them along their journey and they can get damaged. If you have a zipper malfunction or problem though, please simply email us as we want your bag up and running and again and we can hopefully figure out a simple repair solution together on the cheap! WE WANT YOU LOVING YOUR BAG AND DEFY EVEN IF THAT PESKY ZIPPER GIVES YOU TROUBLE!

** What isn’t covered is natural wear of our M35 Military Truck Tarpaulin vinyl/canvas products. Any and all vinyl tarpaulins will develop wear marks and can begin to crack. Hell, even the military retires these tarps eventually as the material and it's edges will start to wear with normal use. Some people like the worn look, if you don’t, please choose another material. While it is tough and cool, it isn’t made of Carbon Fiber. If yours starts to wear to a point you don't like, send us an email and we'll patch it up for you!

Have questions about a repair or warranty? Email us here: hello@defymfg.com