Insidious Jr. Sling | Black Dyneema® | In Stock
Insidious Jr. Sling | Black Dyneema® | In Stock
Insidious Jr. Sling | Black Dyneema® | In Stock
Insidious Jr. Sling | Black Dyneema® | In Stock

Insidious Jr. Sling | Black Dyneema® | In Stock

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Material Black Dyneema®
  • For more details of the Insidious Jr please visit here. It's the same bag except for the Dyneema® Exterior!

  • FIT: iPad, 12.5" x 3" (or wider!) Thermos, Lunch Bag, Camera, Hoodie, Small EDC Gear, Pens, and more.

  • DIMENSIONS: 12.5" Wide x 9" Tall x 3.5" Tall
  • TECH POCKET SECTION: 10.5" Wide x 8.5" Tall
  • MATERIAL: Water-Resistant 5 oz. Dyneema® exterior + 500 Denier CORDURA® Silver Lining interior.
  • ZIPPERS: 2 Large, Double Headed easy to access YKK Water-Resistant VISLON® AquaGuard® Zippers
  • STRAP: Closed-Cell Foam Padded Removable, Reversible for 'Righties' + 'Lefties' $30 imported 2" AustriAlpin™ COBRA® Quick-Release Buckle capable of holding 1,000 lbs.
  • 2 COMPARTMENTS: 2 dimensional pockets, pen holder, tech pocket
  • D RING ON BACK: For attaching optional Cycling Stabilizer Strap
  • WEIGHT: 2.0 lb
  • LITERS: 6

Hey, it’s me. I’m that nagging song infesting your idle mind. First, causing you to start humming. Then tapping along. Before you know it you’re singing at the top of your lungs til your neighbors pound the walls. I burrow inside you, invade your consciousness and, before long, become a part of you. I’m caffeine coursing through your system early in the morning, at noon, and after dinner. I’m that feeling you feel on vacation, never wanting it to end. Allow me to introduce myself...

I’m Insidious Jr.

I grip your back like a glove. I’m swung and slung in front of you when needed with the quickness. Grabbed by the handle and tossed in the passenger seat. Unbuckled like a stealthy Ninja. I love lefties and righties alike. I have more pockets than a denim store and rock my metal hardware whilst flying a finger to the incessant, overuse of cheap, flimsy, ‘Sure to break’ plastic. 

Sure, the world may need to tidily lump me in a narrow category labeling me just a ‘Sling Bag.’ I don’t care. I know what I am. I’m more. Much more. I’m utility and rugged Made in USA Badassery construction. I’m tactical and minimal all at the same time. I’m proudly made by a rag tag team of misfits and miscreants in Chicago who are insanely obsessed with bags. But I digress.

I. Am. Insidious Jr.

I easily go from being the quintessential ‘Daddy Diaper’ bag to cycling or moto sidekick to festival bro. I’m perfect at 36,000 feet as a carry-on and can spelunk with the best of em. Buy me. Try me. I don’t think you’ll deny me. I’m with you. I’m here for you. I’ll become a part of you. I'm insidiously yours to do with me what you will. 

      What is Dyneema?

      See what our friends at Carryology have to say. 

      $30 imported 2" AustriAlpin™ COBRA® Quick-Release Buckle 

      Optional Stabilizer Strap Add-On

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